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Cyberpunk 2077 meets Assassin's Creed in banger game you can grab free now

Cyberpunk 2077 meets Assassin's Creed in banger game you can grab free now

Grab this banger for free

One of the best cyberpunk games, that isn’t Cyberpunk 2077, can be claimed, downloaded, and played for free right now.

All you need is a PC and an Epic Games Store account and this fast-paced, sword-swinging adventure it’s all yours to enjoy.

We heartily recommend grabbing Ghostrunner for free on Epic Game Store

From 505 Games, Ghostrunner is a chaotic action platformer where survival is key. You play as an assassin in a cyberpunk world and must tackle various situations where quick thinking will keep you out of trouble.

With the visual Cyberpunk 2077 vibes, this challenging game takes no prisoners and will punish any small slip up. Chaining together attacks, wall runs, and speedy movement will make you feel power like no other.

There’s a little dash of Assassin’s Creed in here as each level gives you several enemies to target, but if they see you first, you’re dead. You’ll don’t just need quick wits, but also fast fingers.

You can grab this game for free and keep it forever, and we recommend that you do. We recently reviewed the sequel and can say that the following also applies to the first game…

“At its very best Ghostrunner 2 taps into that classic old-school gaming mentality of pushing as hard as possible to get the best times in a level, and of telling yourself you’ll have just one more go at a tricky level before looking up at the clock and realising it’s 2am.”

This is very much one of those games where you’ll want to be perfect, any small mistake will push you to try again. I know that when I’ve played, I’ve kicked myself when I stumble from a ledge or dash past an enemy instead of slicing them.

It’s ideal for those looking for a challenge, plus it’s a stunner to look at, too. Don’t sleep on this one.

Featured Image Credit: 505 Games

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