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Call Of Duty fans already planning to boycott 2023 instalment

Call Of Duty fans already planning to boycott 2023 instalment

Following recent reports that there will be a new CoD game released in 2023 after all, fans have called for a boycott.

Last week, it was revealed that despite previous reports, Call of Duty fans could be getting a new game this year after all. This news hasn’t gone down as well as you might expect.

To cut a long story short, last year, prominent industry insider Jason Schreier reported that a Treyarch-developed Call of Duty title, which was originally set to release this year, has been pushed back to 2024. It was claimed that instead of a mainline release, there’d instead be an expansion for Modern Warfare II to tide everyone over. CoD hasn’t skipped an annual release since 2004, but fans were actually really supportive of the idea.

Take a look at some spicy Modern Warfare II gameplay footage below.

This all changed last week, when a number of insiders reported that a premium game developed by Sledgehammer Games is planned to release this year instead. According to Schreier, this is still the same expansion that was being worked on before, but “at some point they decided to frame it as a full release”.

As GGRecon reports, not everyone is thrilled about this. On Reddit, there have been calls for “a pact against the 2023 ‘Premium Release’”, in order to discourage the devs from releasing “a terrible, clearly unfinished product”.

“This is just the unfortunate truth of modern gaming. They release a terrible, clearly unfinished product for $70 as a ‘live service’ game and slowly turn it into a $70 game throughout its life cycle if we’re lucky. It’s a really bad business practice and I agree, I hope people stop giving their money to half-assed incompetent devs like this,” ChiliSwap wrote. “I'm fairly certain I will NOT be buying anything this company foists upon us later this year. I'll take a break from CoD or just keep playing this one without whatever ‘Premium’ (lol) content is added,” pnellesen replied.

At the time of writing, all the information about 2023’s potential CoD release is completely unofficial, so do take it with a pinch of salt. It definitely seems that fans would be happier knowing that the devs are taking their time on the next title, though, so maybe they’ll end up doing just that.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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