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2023 Call Of Duty Will Be Zombies Focused Instead Of Main Entry, Says Insider

2023 Call Of Duty Will Be Zombies Focused Instead Of Main Entry, Says Insider

A prolific Call Of Duty leaker has hinted the news via Twitter, but there's still more COD to come in lieu of a main title entry in 2023.

Call Of Duty has been a persistent franchise that many of us have grown up playing. Each year brings a new COD experience that shakes up the formula in some shape or form, rendering the previous year’s game relatively obsolete after the few months of crossover migration it takes for players to adopt the new title. Rinse and repeat, the wheel keeps on turning.

This is why the rumoured news that 2023 will be the first calendar year not to have a new Call Of Duty game feels so poignant. Don’t fear just yet though friends, as it seems franchise publisher Activision Blizzard (mired in controversy as it is) has a plan to fill the void of a main game release.

Take a break, dear reader, and enjoy some of our favourite wins and fails from Call Of Duty Warzone.

News coming in from a reliable source is suggesting that a spinoff Zombies focused title will step up to the mark in 2023, alongside a number of other Call Of Duty games that are not a mainline release. Twitter account RalphsGate (via Tweaktown)has hinted that next year’s offering will indeed be a Zombies title. The account has previously been on the money with other COD leaks so, while this should still be taken with a big pinch of salt, it does hold more weight than the usual guff you see online.

As for this year, we’re already pretty confident that we’ll be getting a follow up to 2019’s actually rather good reboot of Modern Warfare, in the form of Modern Warfare II. No prizes for the naming department. This will be complimented by a new, modern-gen iteration of Warzone - to run alongside the current version of Warzone - as well as a focus on the free to play COD Mobile

Again, all of this is rumoured and not confirme, but it is at least heartening for the Call Of Duty faithful that they’ll still be able to muck about with their mates in some form of the game regardless of a mainline release next year. Who knows, maybe even having a two year focus on Modern Warfare II will do the franchise the world of good. The 2019 game was, as I say, rather excellent on release, but is deemed to be in an unplayable state right now due to a focus on newer titles.

Featured Image Credit: Activision Blizzard

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