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'Bloody Hell Hotel' Lets You Be A Vampire And Fix Up Your Own Hotel

'Bloody Hell Hotel' Lets You Be A Vampire And Fix Up Your Own Hotel

Bloody Hell Hotel is coming to PC, and will let you customise, farm, cook, and defeat enemies in order to make the best hotel you can.

We all love a good management sim, don’t we? If you ever felt like building your own university, just this month, we saw the release of Two Point Campus, which GAMINGbible’s Phil Boon gave a generous 8/10 score in his review, saying that: “Two Point Campus is a charming yet chaotic management sim with tons of creative freedom. If you loved Two Point Hospital’s humorous take on the health [centre] environment you’ll feel right at home at the controls here, but the game is also incredibly welcoming for newcomers, too.”

Over on Steam though, a very different management sim is in development by Unfold Games - one which will see you step into the shoes of a vampire, creating your own dream hotel and biting the necks of particularly annoying guests. As well as customisation, farming and cooking, there’s also dungeons to explore, teeming with monsters to defeat.

Take a look at the trailer for Bloody Hell Hotel below.

“In Bloody Hell Hotel, you embody a vampire. You wake up from a coma that has lasted for centuries, only to find your once-grand estate is now in ruins. It's time to turn it into a prosperous hotel,” the game’s synopsis on Steam reads. “It’s no easy task, though, as times are tough and resources are scarce. There are shortages of food, supplies, and workforce. Being a blood-thirsty monster doesn't help with customer satisfaction either. 

“Luckily, underneath the estate lies a crypt and a system of caves. By foraging, farming, crafting, and fighting your way through the monster-infested dungeons, you'll find the resources you need to restore greatness to your mansion and turn it into a thriving hotel business.”

There’s currently no set release window for the game - apparently it’ll be coming out on PC “when it's bloody awesome”. It looks like a lot of fun though - it’s certainly one to add to your Steam wishlist.

Featured Image Credit: Unfold Games

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