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Bloodborne meets BioShock in grisly new horror

Bloodborne meets BioShock in grisly new horror

Looks Kraken

I'm a relatively simple man. If you say something has Lovecraftian vibes, I'll probably give it a go. God help me, I'm a sucker for those eldritch abominations.

It's (one of) the reasons I'm obsessed with Bloodborne, and it's definitely why Dredge was one of my favourite games of last year. It's also why I find myself very excited for Decadent, a new game drenched in Lovecraftian horror.

Take a look at it in action below!

Decadent is a first-person shooter at its core, but don't go in expecting Call Of Duty. This is very much a horror experience that just happens to have some shooty bang bang set pieces in it. If Decadent can strike a proper balance between tension and action, this could be a pretty special game. It could also end up being a dull shooter that's all style and no substance. We are currently at the nexus point of all possibilities.

"You are John Lorn, a royal explorer and World War 1 veteran, turned decadent occultist," publisher fullqrum explains. "As a result of a traumatic experience during one of his occult researches, Lorn becomes a host for a strange parasite.

"Traveling to the Arctic one last time, he is following the traces of the lost Miskatonic University expedition. As his courage and sanity are pushed to the limit John must learn to walk the line between the good and the evil and learn how much grief he is ready to cause to save someone dear."

So basically, it sounds like we've got some Bloodborne in there, a little dash of BioShock, and even traces of The Thing. Decadent is coming to PC in 2025, so if you like what you see be sure to keep an eye out for any updates on the project over the next year.

Featured Image Credit: Fulqrum Publishing

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