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Assassin's Creed Black Flag meets Valheim in new pirate survival RPG

Assassin's Creed Black Flag meets Valheim in new pirate survival RPG

More pirates!

Pirates seem to be the trend at the moment. There are several large-scale pirate adventures coming over the next few years, including Skull and Bones from Ubisoft.

IfSunSets looks to be taking the traditional pirate formula of raggedy clothes, life at sea and a gorgeous Caribbean backdrop, and infusing it with the survival genre. In the latest footage of the game we can see a pirate looking to survive life on a seemingly deserted island filled with dangers, caves and plenty of lootable containers.

What if Valheim but with pirates?

This is very much a "what if Valheim but with pirates?" situation. There's a large world to explore and lots to see, all while surviving and crafting. Crafting looks to be a standard affair with the ability to create weapons, clothing, furniture and more. While tools let you harvest materials and food to give you a better chance of staying alive.

The world around our protagonist is beautiful - lots of lush greenery, craggy rocks and distant oceans. Exploration seems relatively safe in the daylight hours, but there's bound to be animals lying in wait for you when you least expect it - the game's Steam page hints at monsters who come out at night. Staying alive here is just like any other game, a battle against hunger, thirst and tiredness. You can cook meals, survey the area for drinkable water, or head into abandoned cave systems on the look out for precious ores and materials. The game footage even shows several chests filled with pirate booty, so at least you get to live the pirate life and hoard some treasure.

IfSunSets is shaping up to be an interesting title that will certainly offer a new way to play as a pirate, in this mix of adventure and survival. It's all made in Unreal Engine 5, so you can expect gorgeous waters and wonderful lighting. The game is due to launch in early 2024.

Featured Image Credit: POLYMORPH

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