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'Battlefield 2042' Cheat Makers Pack Up Shop Because "The Game Is Dying"

'Battlefield 2042' Cheat Makers Pack Up Shop Because "The Game Is Dying"

When the people who aren't playing your game properly throw in the towel, you've got quite the problem.

Oh, boy. A Battlefield 2042 cheat developer has called it a day as there aren't enough players purchasing their software, and the game's glitches mean that the cheats aren't even working for those who are still playing the maligned game.

Though pre-production for the game started in late 2018, DICE was developing Battlefield 2042 between August 2020 and November 2021. That's only 15 months all in all and when you compare that to the development periods of other AAA titles, you are able to see why Battlefield 2042 has fallen so sharply from grace. Deathloop brewed for about two years, Resident Evil Village cooked for four years, and Far Cry 6 was cobbled together in five years. No wonder, then, that fans of the series felt a little underwhelmed when Battlefield 2042 was finally served up.

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Rectifying the technical issues with Battlefield 2042 has subsumed the focus of developer DICE and publisher EA though it looks like players are already moving onto other things in spite of the team's efforts. As per Steam's statistics, Battlefield V and Battlefield I are seeing an uptick in their player counts lately. The former has in fact managed to overtake the 2021 title which is hardly heartening news for the longevity of the live game and even the cheaters are no longer enjoying Battlefield 2042. Even the cheaters!

Industry insider Tom Henderson, who was close to the development of Battlefield 2042, shared a screenshot from a cheat software developer stating that they will be discontinuing their services. This is due to "the ongoing performance issue of the game which affects the cheat and that most people don't use their subscription anymore since the game is dying." Ouch. Those who still have a subscription to the cheats will still be able to use them but there won't be an opportunity to renew software specifically for Battlefield 2042.

It's sort of comical that the cheat makers have thrown in the towel. And it's sort of tragic that the people who aren't playing the game properly have even lost their enthusiasm for the game. Rest in peace, Ancient Grecian theatregoers, you would have loved Battlefield 2042.

Featured Image Credit: EA, DICE

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