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Baldur's Gate 3 Shadowheart actor horrified as her partner chooses Lae'zel

Baldur's Gate 3 Shadowheart actor horrified as her partner chooses Lae'zel

Baldur's Gate 3 Shadowheart actor horrified as her partner chooses Lae'zel

In an ultimate act of betrayal, Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart actor discovers that her partner would choose Lae’zel over her.

With Baldur’s Gate 3 including a cast of hot characters, it’s no surprise that fans are debating who they would choose if this were real life. So much so that even the voice actors themselves are getting in on the action. In a recent livestream, Shadowheart’s actor Jennifer English was joined by girlfriend and Baldur's Gate 3 performance director Aliona Baranova. What started off as a wholesome playthrough of the game soon turned into Shakespearean levels of betrayal when Baranova revealed she loves Lae’zel more than Shadowheart.

Check out the Baldur's Gate 3 launch trailer below!

What makes the comment even worse is that Lae’zel just so happens to be Shadowheart’s arch-nemesis and English was less than happy. "Do I love her more than I love Shadowheart?" Baranova thought aloud which resulted in English sharing a look of pure betrayal with their viewers. "Did you just say that?!" She asked between sounds of genuine heartbreak. Since then, Baranova shared the clip to Twitter with the caption “the infamous moment in question”. Artists have taken the moment and run with it with some sharing their artistic interpretations of the scene.

In an attempt to soothe her heartbroken partner, Baranova quickly tried to reassure her but the moment itself has since gone viral with fans feeling English’s pain. This is one of many livestreams by the pair since the release of Baldur’s Gate 3 and it’s no doubt they were following in the footsteps of Astarion actor, Neil Newbon who is also a regular on Twitch. Newbon was recently joined on stream by Wyll’s actor, Theo Solomon who unfortunately arrived just as Newbon was triggering Astarion’s sex scene.

With Baldur’s Gate 3 romances causing arguments all over the world, let’s hope they don’t actually come in the middle of real-life relationships. Even if it is Astarion.

Featured Image Credit: Larian Studio

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