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Arma Is Finally Coming To Consoles For The First Time Ever

Arma Is Finally Coming To Consoles For The First Time Ever

The latest Arma instalment, 'Arma Reforger,' is coming to console alongside its usual PC release.

Arma is not for the faint of heart, nor the easily frustrated, nor the short of time for that matter. Bohemia Interactive’s first-person tactical military shooter series is notorious for being ridiculously hard, and you’ll need to dedicate a lot of time to learning the game’s controls if you want to succeed - which admittedly isn’t for everyone.

For those that are happy to persevere with Arma’s complex controls, you’re rewarded with the true intensity of the hyper-realistic experience that Arma offers. Up until now, this has been an experience exclusively for PC players, but Arma is now making its way to a console. Which console do I hear ye ask?

Experience the brand new trailer for Arma Reforger below.

Bohemia Interactive has officially announced the latest instalment in the franchise, Arma Reforger, which is coming to Xbox for the first time ever alongside its usual PC release. I say "coming", but Bohemia essentially dropped Arma Reforger on us so you can actually grab your early access right now. Score! Sorry PlayStation folks, nothing for you just yet.

Arma fans were hoping for Arma 4 and whilst Arma Reforger isn’t that, it still sounds pretty good. Set during the Cold War, Arma Reforger sees Soviet forces battle it out against US troops on the 51-square-kilometre island of Everon.

If you’re a hardcore Bohemia Interactive fan, you may recognise the name Everon, and with good reason. The location featured in the studio’s Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis which was essentially a precursor to Arma before Bohemia lost the intellectual rights.

Bohemia Interactive are fully aware that you’re all anxiously awaiting the release of Arma 4, so they did offer a crumb of an update: “Arma Reforger is the first step towards Arma 4 and a versatile, creative, fully-moddable platform for the future, offering a glimpse of things to come.”

If Arma Reforger is a “glimpse of things to come,” could we be seeing Arma further expand to PlayStation in the future? The difficult shooter certainly seems to be testing the waters for making the series more widely accessible. Arma Reforger’s island is a dot compared to Arma 3’s 270-square-kilometre giant, so there’s far less terrain to master this time around. If you’re up for the challenge, what are you waiting for? You can dive in right now.

Featured Image Credit: Bohemia Interactive

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