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Amouranth Has Created A New Twitch Meta, Brace Yourselves

Amouranth Has Created A New Twitch Meta, Brace Yourselves

Meta? I hardly know her

Twitch streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has made good on a promise from a few months back, and has come up with a new "meta" that many fellow streamers are already hailing as genius.

In a YouTube video uploaded by the popular creator last month, she teased a "new meta" as part of her return to Twitch (following yet another ban for reasons that remain unclear).

"So a lot of the DMs I've gotten are asking me about what the new meta is gonna be when I come back," Siragusa said at the time. "We had hot tubs, we had ear licking ASMR... what if we played video games? Maybe I should? Could you imagine? I'd probably be the first person on Twitch to try and play a video game. It'd be crazy."

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Siragusa has been back on Twitch for a few weeks now, and was mostly business as usual until this week, when her new "meta" finally emerged. While it has absolutely nothing to do with video games, it does heavily feature a classic party game.

As you can see below, Siragusa has decided to move away from hot tubs and into the exciting world of... Twister. On her latest stream, the content creator played a perfectly innocent solo game of the 90's classic while viewers looked on. It's as close to PG as anything she's ever done on the platform, and I really can't see how anyone who criticised her hot tub streams or ASMR ear licking could find much fault with this. It all seems pretty on the level - for now, anyway.

"A new meta is born," fellow streamer Kaceytron commented on Twitter, before later adding that Siragusa's idea was “genius".

No doubt this will open the floodgates for a ton of similar Twister streams, so brace yourselves for the inevitable deluge over the coming weeks.

Featured Image Credit: Amouranth via Twitch

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