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Adin Ross' hateful pronouns rant leads to calls to ban him from Kick

Adin Ross' hateful pronouns rant leads to calls to ban him from Kick

Adin Ross is under fire after mocking a TikTok which explained how to use neopronouns, and joking that his pronouns are "kill/them".

Controversial streamer Adin Ross is facing calls to be banned after a hateful rant in which he joked that his pronouns are “kill/them”.

As Yahoo Entertainment reports, the Kick streamer (who was recently banned from Twitch) was reacting to a TikTok video in which a teacher who uses xe/xem pronouns (an example of gender-neutral neopronouns) explained how to use xir pronouns in sentences. While watching, Ross slated the video as “so cringe”.

“Listen bro, to all you guys that get to pick your pronouns, my pronouns is [sic] kill/them,” Ross said. “Okay? F**k all y’all bro, y’all are making the world a s***ty place bro. I’m going to call you either a guy or a girl. I’m not calling you by a cat, by a turtle. I don’t give a f**k if you got a tail or f**king whiskers. I don’t give a f**k.”

On Twitter, many believe that the streamer should face a ban for his behaviour: “I don't care how big your platform is, insinuating violence like this online should be an instant ban. Especially considering how impressionable creators can be to their audience. There's too much hate and violence in this world as is. That's not ok,” @PescaroDB wrote. “Oh wow, Adin doesn’t deserve a platform anymore. It’s sad to see him becoming like this, two years ago he was streaming 2K, now he’s saying stuff like this,” @JayyxMore tweeted. “[I don’t know] why people can’t respect others,” added @gaymertaylor247.

Back in February, Ross faced similar backlash when he tweeted: “THERE ARE ONLY TWO GENDERS.” In a VOD video which was later posted to his YouTube channel Adin Live, he doubled down on this sentiment, and said: “I still stand by it”.

Earlier this month, Ross was also condemned for telling a viewer that he’d give him $20k if he “slit his [brother’s] throat”. Ross immediately clarified during the stream that he was “kidding”.

It remains to be seen if streaming platform Kick will take any action against him.

Featured Image Credit: Adin Live via YouTube

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