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Activision CEO Reportedly Backed Political Campaigns Through Secret Companies

Activision CEO Reportedly Backed Political Campaigns Through Secret Companies

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick, has been found to have made $600,000 in political donations via private companies and more publicly.

If you have not been keeping up to date with the behind the scenes business goings on of the gaming world, you may have missed the biggest scandal gaming has ever known. Currently Call Of Duty publisher, Activision Blizzard, is elbows deep in a sexual harassment lawsuit brought against it by the state of California following numerous allegations.

Allegations such as female developers being told to drink more so they can loosen up and make things more fun for the boys. Allegations like women being fired if they spoke out about sexually inappropriate comments or touching. Also allegations that there was a "Cosby suite" dedicated to known serial sex offender Bill Cosby which had an oversized picture of the culprit above a bed. If you want to know how funny the guys at Activision Blizzard thought that was, there is photo evidence.

If you want to see footage for a great FPS not developed by people who think sexual assault is a laugh, then check out our Apex Legends wins and fails below.

You could be forgiven for thinking that CEO Bobby Kotick was unaware of the goings on of his underlings atop his ivory tower where he reportedly earns around $30million a year. Except his spokesperson out and out admitted it, saying the board responsible “would not have been informed of every report of misconduct at every Activision Blizzard company, nor would he reasonably be expected to have been updated on all personnel issues."

He is also personally accused of calling in death threats to his former assistant, and making people who made allegations against staff very uncomfortable about going public. He also used his position to protect those accused of sexual assault, many of who still hold positions at the company.

So he's maybe not the person you really want in a position of power. Certainly not a person you would want to have financial influence over political parties. Well CNBC has now reported that Kotick has donated over $1million to political campaigns, both through public and private donations via secret companies over recent years. The companies were used to hide Kotick's identity. However, a spokesperson for him, Mark Kerr, has confirmed Kotick's donations to political parties.

“Over the past five years, Mr. Kotick has contributed roughly the same amount to Democrats and Republicans. His contributions are focused on candidates and causes primarily in support of veterans issues and specifically veterans employment. His giving and that of the Call of Duty Foundation, which he co-chairs, is with the goal of ensuring all veterans have employment opportunities that reflect the sacrifices they make through their service.”

The one secret company linked to Kotick, Norgate LLC, donated $500,000 in two donations to Republican causes. The other 807080A LLC has donated over $100,000 to similar causes in smaller donations. As Kerr points out Kotick has also made similar contributions to Democratic causes, though often more publicly and reportedly smaller amounts.

These donations are only the ones reportedly confirmed, and there could be numerous other donations made to political parties by Kotick. 

Featured Image Credit: Fox / Bobby Kotick

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