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Starfield: How to assign favourite weapons and quick-select in combat

Starfield: How to assign favourite weapons and quick-select in combat

You can assign favourite weapons in Starfield and quickly switch between them during combat, and we've got all the details on how.

There’s plenty to get to grips with in Starfield which really shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise seeing as we knew it would feature over 1,000 planets across 100 star systems. Throughout your travels, you’ll encounter a fair few foes and engage in plenty of combat. During that combat, it’s going to be crucial that you learn how to switch weapons.

There are a variety of different weapon types in Starfield - ballistics, heavy, laser, shotguns, throwable .. you name it. Throughout much of the game, you’ll likely acquire weapons and ammo via looting your enemies (although both can also be purchased in commercial districts too). Most guns utilise a different type of ammo and I can guarantee, if your playthrough is anything like mine, you’re going to regularly run out of a particular type of ammo. This means that switching weapons and assigning a variety of favourites is crucially important.

Take a look at Starfield in action below.

If thus far in your playthrough, you’ve been opening up the menu to access your inventory to change weapons, I’m about to change your life. It’s possible to change weapons during combat without opening your inventory. Here’s how you assign weapons to your D-pad.

How do I assign favourite weapons in Starfield?

It’s an important mechanic to get to grips with in Starfield, and yet there’s no tutorial but that’s why we’re here to help. To assign a favourite, simply open up your inventory by pressing Menu on the controller, and then select your inventory in the bottom right corner.

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Scroll to your weapons and then scroll down to select a particular gun. Once you’re hovering over that gun, you’ll be able to press Y to favourite it. This will then bring up an elongated version of your D-pad featuring 12 slots, four on each directional spoke. Use the directional arrows to select a slot, and then press A to lock it in. Repeat as many times as necessary. You can also use this technique to favourite heal items, allowing you to quickly heal during combat.

How do I quickly access my favourites during combat?

Once you’ve assigned weapons to your favourites via the method explained above, you can then access these during combat using your D-pad. Press any arrow and you’ll bring your favourites up in the midst of combat. You’ll be able to use your directional arrows to select which weapon (or heal item) you’d like to switch to. Press A to select your choice - and you’re good to go. No more returning to your inventory every few seconds.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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