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Rahul Kohli on what it means to be in Like A Dragon: Ishin!

Rahul Kohli on what it means to be in Like A Dragon: Ishin!

“It’s another level”

It’s no secret that Rahul Kohli is a big fan of games and geek culture. The Midnight Mass actor has never hidden his affection for the pixelated realm and all that’s associated with it.

From his voice work in battle royale titan Fortnite, to his desire for a Warhammer TV series, the thespian is a keen proponent of gaming. He’s even had his say on HBO’s The Last of Us, which if you’ve not heard of it, is apparently the biggest thing to happen to television ever.

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Speaking to GAMINGbible about his involvement with Sega’s upcoming samurai title Like a Dragon: Ishin!, Kohli discussed his love for the Yakuza series, as well as what it means to be featured in the new title.

“I’ve done a fair amount of video game work and there’s been some real, kind of, pinch-yourself moments, but, ultimately, I’m still a character”, He explained.

However, in Ishin! Things are a bit different: “it’s the first time in my career where the card name is Rahul Kohli. I am me, I guess? It’s my likeness with my name inside a game.”

Like a Dragon: Ishin! /

Having played several titles from the franchise through Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription service, it’s clear the actor has fallen totally in love with the dramatic tales of Kazuma Kiryu, so it’s no wonder it’s had such an impact on him to be added to Like a Dragon: Ishin! in this way.

With Ishin! set to release later this month, fans will be able to see what Kohli brings to the table as a trooper card, essentially being a combat buff to use as players see fit, alongside the likes of pro wrestler Kenny Omega. Not long to wait now.

Featured Image Credit: Sega

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