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PlayStation Plus subscribers can download incredible horror collection for free

PlayStation Plus subscribers can download incredible horror collection for free

It's the perfect time of the year for PlayStation Plus subscribers to download these horror games!

There’s nothing quite like watching a good horror flick during the Halloween season. It doesn't matter whether it's a slasher, a supernatural thriller, features grizzly monsters or anything in between … get the snacks, grab a drink, and get ready to be spooked by what goes bump in the night.

However, what if we could blend the world of horror movie flicks with our beloved video games? Well, that’s what developer Supermassive Games has been doing for years, merging movie and video game horror with a heavy dose of old-school ‘choose your own adventure’ novels.

Check out the House of Ashes trailer below!

It took Supermassive Games a few years before it found its niche working on the likes of LittleBigPlanet DLC, a Killzone remaster, and more. That was until we had Until Dawn on PlayStation 4 in 2015. Until Dawn had the perfect typical horror set-up with low-IQ teenagers, stuck in the middle of nowhere with a killer on the loose.

Rather than just being a linear adventure with one, maybe two endings, the cast of characters' fates are in your hands and ultimately, your decisions will determine whether they live or die. Supermassive Games would continue this formula with its more recent The Dark Pictures Anthology series and guess what? You can play some of the best games the developer has to offer on PlayStation Plus right now! Namely, Until Dawn, three of the four The Dark Pictures Anthology entries, Man of Medan, Little Hope and House of Ashes.

The above games follow a similar premise of being interactive movies if you will. A silly group of people put themselves into silly situations and it’s up to you whether they live or die. In my case, I often found myself believing that I’d made the right decision. Yet despite my best intentions, most of my decisions resulted in gruesome deaths for the unfortunate victims, but that’s the wonderful charm of these games.

What’s more, each has multiple endings and if you spoke to someone else who has played these games, you’ll often find that your story played out differently. Oh, and all of the aforementioned Supermassive titles look visually gorgeous and The Dark Pictures titles can be played with friends if you wish. If you choose the latter, consider it to be a cosy interactive movie night with family and friends.

If you’ve never played horror games like these before and you subscribe to PS Plus Premium and Extra, then you’re in for a spooktacular treat this Halloween!

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Bandai Namco

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