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Palworld: The most useful Pals you need on your team

Palworld: The most useful Pals you need on your team

Some of the Palworld Pals are more useful than others

Palworld features a lot of different Pals to use in myriad ways. The biggest draw of the game, aside from its in-depth survival mechanics, is using Pals to fight, craft, travel, and explore. Some, of course, are more suited to certain roles within your team or base.

Palworld is taking the world by storm with its combo of survival and creature collecting

If you’re just jumping into Palworld and want to know which Pals to keep in your party or give a slot in your base, this list should give you a great jumping-off point. Whether you want a rowdy fighter, or a handy mount for exploration, we’ve got you covered.



Flight is important if you want to set about uncovering your map and activating all the fast travel totems. Being able to explore the world from above is just so handy. The sightlines allow you to see what’s coming up, whether that’s a base full of enemies, or a new biome. It’s also perfect for collecting Lifmunk effigies as you’ll see their glowing green aura from far off and can mop them all up quickly.


You’ll start off using a Nitewing to fly, but you’re going to want to upgrade to Vanwyrm as soon as you get the chance. The main reason for this is the Pals’ stamina. Nitewing runs low on stamina rapidly and you’ll have to rest a lot, but Vanwyrm just keeps on going. This handy Pal also combines fire and dark fighting abilities, both of which are powerful against those pesky humans.

  • Element: Dark, Fire
  • Skill Proficiencies: Kindling, Transporting
  • Partner Skill: Aerial Marauder
  • Vanwyrm Drops: Bone, Ruby, Gold Coin
  • Location: Bamboo Groves
  • Paldeck number: .071

Also worth considering is Chillet or Direhowl. Neither of these Pals can fly, but they are fast-moving and get you where you need to be without too many stops for stamina regeneration. Perfect for dashing around the map while harvesting wood, stone, Paldium, and ore.



Best used in the early game, Tanzee has some incredibly powerful abilities for those first bosses. The main reason for its place here is due to its partner skill Cheery Rifle.


This gives the little dude an assault rifle that packs a heck of a punch. If you’re looking for great firepower, or just good attacks for catching low-level Pals, Tanzee has you covered.

  • Element: Grass
  • Skill Proficiencies: Planting, Handiwork, Lumbering, Transporting, Gathering
  • Partner Skill: Cheery Rifle
  • Tanzee Drops: Mushroom
  • Location: Grassy Behemoth Hills
  • Paldeck number: .008


As you progress through your Palworld journey, you’re going to need bigger and more ferocious Pals to fight alongside you. You’ll have already seen a Mammorest wandering around the first biome. It’s a huge green and brown mammoth that can kill you in one attack.


This Mammorest is a tough catch, but you can venture out to Grassy Behemoth Hills and find the non-alpha version of this Pal. It’s still a powerful creature, but it’s easier to catch, especially if it’s been fighting another Mammorest over turf. You can scoot in and catch it in a Giga Sphere.

  • Element: Grass
  • Skill Proficiencies: Planting, Lumbering, Mining
  • Partner Skill: Used as a mount
  • Mammorest Drops: High Quality Pal Oil, Leather, Mammorest Meat
  • Location: Grassy Behemoth Hills
  • Paldeck number: .090

Match Pal Types

Much like other creature-collecting games, the Pals here come under elemental families. Matching the right element for attacking is integral for winning battles, especially if you’re looking to start capturing the bigger alpha variants, or take down the bosses. For example, taking out Penking who is an Ice type, you’ll need to use a Fire type.


Most require a little common sense, but you can see the full round-up below.

  • Dark: Strong against Neutral - Weak against Dragon
  • Dragon: Strong against Dark - Weak against Ice
  • Electric: Strong against Water - Weak against Ground
  • Fire: Strong against Grass and Ice - Weak against Water
  • Grass: Strong against Ground - Weak against Fire
  • Ground: Strong against Electric - Weak against Grass
  • Ice: Strong against Dragon - Weak against Fire
  • Neutral: Weak against Dark
  • Water: Strong against Fire - Weak against Electric

Base Building and upkeep

Some Pals are ideal to keep back at base, helping out with crafting or creating materials. These will change early on, depending on what you need to produce, but as you level up your base and can keep more Pals working, you’ll have a good balance across all skills.


While some Pals will be kept for operation machines - a Fire-type to stoke your furnace, for example - others will be used for breeding or creating resources like wool, milk, eggs, and more.

Pengullet - This little penguin dude is great for using its water abilities to operate the crusher and the mill, it’s also a great allrounder for helping out on crafting stations.

Foxparks - An obvious Fire-type, Foxparks will operate the furnace to produce ingots. You’ll find better options later in the game, but Foxparks can join the team right from the off.

Chikipi - This poultry is great at gathering items in your base, but will also produce eggs in the ranch which provides great food for you and your team.

Lamball - This fluffy little dude will keep you in bundles of wool like it’s your grandma. Wool is very important early on for making cloth which is your most basic armour.

Sparkit - While you won’t need this sparky Pal for a while, Sparkit will help power your generators. Until then, it will happily craft weapons, ammo, and Pal spheres.

Featured Image Credit: Pocket Pair Inc

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