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‘Goat Simulator 3’ Previewed By An Excited 11 Year Old

‘Goat Simulator 3’ Previewed By An Excited 11 Year Old

"Excitement level is definitely 10."

If there’s one thing having kids has taught me, it’s that kids love Goat Simulator. So I took my oldest son, 11-year-old Elliott, off to EGX to check out the game’s forthcoming sequel, Goat Simulator 3. And here’s what he thought.

So, what were your favourite new things about Goat Simulator 3?

That were new? In terms of Mutators (modifiers), the fireworks one (that was like a rocket launcher, and could shoot NPCs up into the air) was good. I liked the new mini-games, too - the football one and the king of the hill one, the first where you have to kick the ball into the goal obviously and then in the other you have to stay on top of a pile of hay while other players can use anything they have to get you down and take your spot. I also like how this one has more of a story - you kind of have to clean up the Goat Tower and stuff. And the Goat Tower is much bigger this time.

What’s the Goat Tower?

Um, it’s in the first game. It’s basically a tower thing with a ramp up and a few rooms. But in this one there’s a secret room underneath. And you can go into it and it’s all messy, but you can clean it up and stuff. There’s a thing you can find if you completely clean it up - I don’t know what it is, but…

Check out the gameplay reveal trailer for Goat Simulator 3 below…

It’s a mystery, huh? And in terms of how the game played and looked, did it feel just like the older game, or better, improved? Did it feel like a full-on sequel or more of the same?

It did feel like a new game. It’s similar of course with some things from the old game, but it didn’t feel like just another version of that game. It wasn’t just adding more things to what was in the first game, it was like a new game that just had some of the older bits in it. 

You were saying as you played how much better this game was compared to the first one, with the developers right there (sound designer/composer Stuart Docherty and 3D artist Philip Bretschneider), who were loving your comments and commentary. What sort of things really stood out, then?

I love how this game is all set on one big map, and you can fast-travel to other areas of it - the first game was made of smaller, different maps. A lot of the Mutators are much better. So you can customise your goat with an entirely new system, where you can choose head, feet, body, back…

We were playing together, because this game supports online multiplayer, and I saw you were a pig wearing pants at one point. Not very goaty, that.

Yes, with a rocket launcher strapped on too. But you don’t have to be a goat. In the first Goat Simulator you could be an ostrich. The giraffe you played as was in the first game too.

The giraffe was my favourite. I was also a hammerhead shark on a skateboard for a bit.

The shark is new, that’s a replacement for a whale in the first game. 

And did you come away really excited for the game? Will you play it straight away?

Yeah. I wanted to play it again after our appointment, but the queues were a bit long. Our slot finished before I was able to use the Captain America shield. I wanted to use that, to throw it around. 

So what’s your excitement for the game, right now? Your anticipation level?

Like out of 10? Excitement level is definitely 10. 

So you’ll be buying it?


With your own money?


Goat Simulator 3 is released on November 17 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Featured Image Credit: Coffee Stain

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