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​The ‘Ghost Of Tsushima’ Movie Has Already Assembled The Perfect Cast

​The ‘Ghost Of Tsushima’ Movie Has Already Assembled The Perfect Cast

Don't waste this opportunity, Sony.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Well, that was quick. Sony and Sucker Punch only released the open-world samurai adventure Ghost Of Tsushima on PS4 in 2020, but a live-action big screen adaptation has already been announced. I'm assuming the fact it's the fastest-selling original PlayStation 4 exclusive of all time probably has something to do with it.

In any event, it's super exciting to imagine the world of Ghost Of Tsushima on the big screen, especially since Sony will be working with acclaimed John Wick director Chad Stahelski to bring the action to life. I only hope this project doesn't inherit the Uncharted curse and tear through seven or eight directors in the space of a few years.

Details are, unsurprisingly, thin on the ground right now. Beyond Stahelski's involvement, we don't really know what to expect. We can at least assume with some degree of safety that the movie will follow the same story as the game, which takes place on the island of Tsushima in 1247 and follows Jin Sakai's quest to unite the samurai of Tsushima and repel the Mongolian invasion.

We're also not sure which route Sony is going to go down when it comes to casting, but I would like to take this opportunity to point out that Sucker Punch already assembled the perfect cast for Ghost Of Tsushima. There isn't a single actor who lent their facial likeness, voice, and motion capture performance to the project that wouldn't absolutely nail it again in live-action. Let's take a look, shall we?

Jin Sakai - Daisuke Tsuji

Ghost Of Tsushima /
Sony/Daisuke Tsuji/Twitter

Daisuke Tsuji has won a ton of awards and acclaim for his performance as lead character Jin Sakai in Ghost Of Tsushima, and it's not hard to see why. This is an actor that put everything into his performance to deliver a portrayal of a lone warrior struggling with the weight of the world. The fans want Tsuji to reprise his role, and the actor himself wants to do it too. He's even willing to do butt nudity, which is a win for everyone.

Lord Shimura - Eric Steinberg

Ghost Of Tsushima/Pretty Little Liars /
Sony/Warner Bros.

Eric Steinberg has had a long and successful career in TV and film, appearing in everything from Days Of Our Lives to Torchwood. A phenomenal actor with more gravitas in his little finger than most have in their entire body, Steinberg was perfect as Jin's mentor and samurai commander Lord Shimura. Bring him back!

Yuna - Sumalee Montano

Ghost Of Tsushima / Langdon /

Yuna is easily one of the most interesting characters in Ghost Of Tsushima, doing what she has to do to save herself and her family without being tied down by a code of honour quite as rigorous as Jin's. Actor Sumalee Montano has more than proven herself across a variety of smaller roles over the years, and the big-screen adaptation of Ghost Of Tsushima wouldn't be the same without her.

Taka - Eddie Shin

Ghost Of Tsushima /
Sony/Twitter/Eddie Shin

Yuna's younger brother Taka is fairly useless, if we're being completely honest. Still, he's important to Yuna and the larger narrative. Eddie Shin was a great choice for the role in the game, and remains so for the movie.

Masako Adachi - Lauren Tom

Ghost Of Tsushima /
Sony/Twitter/Lauren Tom

It's unclear how much some of Ghost Of Tsushima's side characters will feature in the movie, but Adachi's questline is easily one of the most tragic and important. The only surviving woman of clan Adachi, Masako has just one goal after being forced to bury her entire family: take revenge on the Mongols. Lauren Tom had firmly established comedy chops, having played characters like Julie in Friends and Amy Wong in Futurama. Playing Adachi showed a very different side to the actor, one that we'd love to see on the big screen.

Sensei Ishikawa - François Chau

Ghost Of Tsushima/Lost /

The story of a teacher burdened with the knowledge they failed their apprentice is one as old as time. Still, the legendary François Chau told it well as Ishikawa, a sensei who works with Jin to track down and stop an old student who has been seduced by evil. There's no two ways about it: Chau is great, and we want more of him in this role.

Kenji - James Hiroyuki Liao

Ghost Of Tsushima/Iron Fist /

Actor James Hiroyuki Liao has popped up in everything from Iron Fist to Prison Break. He was great as the smooth-talking merchant Kenji - why cast anyone else for the movie?

Ryuzo - Leonard Wu

Ghost Of Tsushima/Marco Polo /

There's no Ghost Of Tsushima without Leonard Wu's Ryuzo. Jin's childhood friend is an integral part of the story, and Wu killed it in the role. He's also taken to Twitter to strongly hint he'd like to appear in the movie, and we obviously agree that would be the right move.

Khotun Khan - Patrick Gallagher

Ghost Of Tsushima/Night At The Museum /
Sony/20th Century Fox

At last, we come to the big bad of Ghost Of Tsushima. Whoever is cast as Mongol warlord Khotun Khan in the movie needs to be able to come across as a terrifyingly evil bastard. So why not stick with actor Patrick Gallagher? Not that Gallagher is a bastard in real life, you understand (I'm sure he's lovely), but there wasn't a single moment during his performance in the game that I wasn't terrified he was going to reach out and snap my neck. Imagine that power on a big screen? Yikes.

In all honesty, when I started writing this feature I thought I was going to come away with a very different dream cast for a Ghost Of Tsushima movie. But then I thought about it for more than ten seconds and, well, the dream cast has already been assembled, right?. Let's just hope Sony comes to the same conclusion too, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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