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'Halo Infinite' Will Have More Than One Campaign, Apparently

'Halo Infinite' Will Have More Than One Campaign, Apparently

Infinite is the start of the next decade of Halo.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Fans of Halo Infinite have finally gone hands-on with the delayed Xbox Series X darling and, intriguingly enough, it looks like the sci-fi shooter will offer a number of campaigns for players.

343 Industries is taking its time with Halo Infinite in order to ensure that the game is everything that everyone wants it to be. When the studio showed off the work-in-progress last summer, the response to new elements like the grappling hook and the expansive environments was positive. However, criticism was levied at the "plasticky" look of Halo Infinite and that unfortunate shot of an emotionless Grunt before he is socked in the kisser by Master Chief. Poor Craig. 343 Industries itself admitted at the time it was aiming to elevate the "fidelity and overall presentation," and intended to listen to what players were saying about Halo Infinite and apply these comments practically.

Listen to Dean and Tom natter on what they liked, disliked and their hopes for the eventual launch of Halo Infinite from their experiences of the first flight of the multiplayer.

The first flight for the multiplayer modes of Halo Infinite occurred over the weekend and they are the talk of the town. Check out our impressions piece here and spoiler warning: it has knocked the socks off Dean and Tom who had the opportunity to dip into the game. However, there are a few players who were ferreting about for story content in the technical preview and it appears that there might be multiple campaigns in Halo Infinite.

On what basis? Well, it says "campaigns" not "campaign" in this screenshot of the beta version of the Halo Waypoint app, courtesy of Twitter user @realAyitSevi.

This does tally with 343 Industries' ambitions to use Infinite as the foundation for Halo for the next 10 years. In 2020, studio head Chris Lee said that the team wants to leave "numbered titles and having all that segmentation" in the past and stand side by side with fans to take the series into the future together. So, it's possible that there will be the original Infinite campaign available from launch and then the story might diverge to a new character or turn back time to show these events through different eyes.

If you are interested in what Halo Infinite has to offer, be sure to mind how you go on social media. A handful of very mature PlayStation players are spoiling the story to Infinite through leaks from the first flight. Yep. It's exceedingly impressive.

Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries

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