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'God Of War' Looks Incredible In New First-Person Mode

'God Of War' Looks Incredible In New First-Person Mode

God Of War released for PC via Steam on 14 January and a new mod makes it so you can now see the Stranger boss fight in first person

The 2018 reboot of the PlayStation 2 classic God Of War has only been available on PC for a matter of weeks, and yet it has already sold more than a million copies. This makes it Sony's most popular game on Steam, leaving previous record holder Horizon Zero Dawn in its dust. Even on the day of its release mods to make changes to our man with no tan already began making an appearance.

Want to see the other advantages of picking up God Of War on PC? Check out this trailer of all the added features below.

From mods which gave Kratos bulging googly eyes, to arms thicker than his torso, or even shaving off all his facial hair and eyebrows, there were ways to get your demi-god looking just how you like him. If your desires for the infamous Spartan run more than just skin deep then take heart in the knowledge that there are even ones for voice lines. One inventive modder, pulled voice actor Christopher Judge's unused audio and put it back in the game. We can see why Sony Santa Monica opted not to use the lines; they mostly comprise of dad jokes.

Now modder Speclizer has been working on something both cinematic and gameplay focused. While their mod is far from complete you can witness the Stranger fight and preceding cutscene in glorious first person view. While the cutscene may suffer from a bit of stuttering, the fight, axe throws and all seem pretty smooth.

Sadly though the modder says that there is currently "no plans of release." The mod is apparently still extremely broken and buggy in its current state and was only implemented for the good of the video. Still as a proof of concept it works well and is a great way to make your Norse experience even more immersive.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Santa Monica

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