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Pro 'Warcraft' Player Publicly Supports Andrew Tate, Then Loses ‘Dragonflight’ Beta

Pro 'Warcraft' Player Publicly Supports Andrew Tate, Then Loses ‘Dragonflight’ Beta

Maldiva believes that Blizzard revoked his access to the beta as a result of his tweets defending controversial influencer Andrew Tate.

Oh dear. In case you’ve somehow lived blissfully unaware of Andrew Tate’s existence for the last month or so, allow me to destroy that bubble. The 35-year-old social media influencer has been blowing up online lately, mainly on TikTok, thanks to his incredibly questionable and arguably misogynistic views. A few delightful highlights include his opinions on cheating (“I go out and f**k and I come back to her and I don’t care about her and I only love my girl. That’s not cheating, that’s exercise”) and women in general (“I think the women belong to the man” - thanks, Downtime Bros).

Thankfully, TikTok is full of some amazing stuff too - check out these hilarious real-life NPC impersonations below.

These views have (understandably) left Tate banned from pretty much every major social media platform (not that that stops clips of him being shared). Now though, one professional World of Warcraft player, known as Maldiva (real name Mike Montaperto) has apparently had his access to the new WoW Dragonflight Beta revoked after publicly tweeting in favour of Tate. 

This began last month, when Maldiva appeared to defend Tate on a Twitter thread. “He’s the reason I got rank [one] in World of Warcraft. No one has motivated me to be [great] like Andrew. We have lost a true hero,” he wrote. “I’ve already done the research sweetie. No wonder you women have such unhappy relationships, you have no idea how to address an alpha like myself,” he replied in another thread.

Then, yesterday, he revealed that his Beta access has supposedly been taken away. “Blizzard took my Dragonflight Beta away because of the Andrew Tate Twitter trolling. Actually unreal lol.” It’s not known whether he really was trolling or not - in this same thread, he added, “I speak nothing but the truth. Everyone's so weak nowadays and can't handle it.” 

Featured Image Credit: Andrew Tate/FULL SEND PODCAST via Youtube, Blizzard Entertainment

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