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Unreal Engine 5 'Project Dinosaur' Has The Best-Looking T-Rex We've Ever Seen

Unreal Engine 5 'Project Dinosaur' Has The Best-Looking T-Rex We've Ever Seen

Stand aside 'Exoprimal', a new dinosaur heartthrob is in town

Oh how we were all looking forward to the Dino Crisis revival at last night's State Of Play, only to be disappointed by the reveal of Capcom's new IP Exoprimal.

While the obvious Dino Crisis baiting was disappointing, what didn't let us down were the actual dinosaurs. We saw a rampaging Triceratops, an absolutely ravished Tyrannosaurus Rex, tidal waves of raptors falling from a giant gaper in the sky, and they all looked pretty decent. Rather less scary when mounting up in piles behind your shield, but technically alright looking.

They can always look better, though. And something new has caught our eye. British studio Rebellion - developers of the Sniper Elite series, which is known for its impressive, bone-breaking visuals - has released a new visual effects showcase. Given Rebellion's reputation for graphical detail, we were eager to take a closer look at the T-Rex shown off in their vaguely named 'Project Dinosaur'.

Eager to take a look at the detailed dinosaur for yourself? Check it out in the video below.

The showreel doesn't just feature our lovely scaly friend, but a number of behind-the-scenes snippets on how camera tracking allows for such detailed CGI creations. There are also quite a few super-detailed environments, from snowy wastelands to luscious jungles, to feast your eyes on.

Rebellion is currently working on Sniper Elite 5 which has a release window for this year, but no details more concrete beyond that. However, there are four different studios working under the Rebellion umbrella right now, and someone must have been making this 'Project Dinosaur'.

Now, just because there is a dinosaur-themed demo in this showreel, that doesn't mean this will be expanded into a complete game. However, with Capcom absolutely dashing our hopes for anything vaguely Dino Crisis-y coming in the future, we may have to look to a different new IP to fill those massive and menacingly clawed footsteps. 

Featured Image Credit: Rebellion

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