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Scarily Accurate AI Showcased By Unity After New Studio Acquisition

Scarily Accurate AI Showcased By Unity After New Studio Acquisition

Unity has acquired a number of companies to make its 3D tools "easier, faster, and cheaper" for artists.

In a blog post, Unity has announced its acquisition of Ziva Dynamics and its hope that together they can create tools which will enable artists to make realistic character models no matter their skill level. It has also acquired a number of other companies recently to make its 3D tools "easier, faster, and cheaper" for artists.

It opens the post with a statement claiming that Unity's aim is to "democratise" tools to make game creation more accessible. It has previously kept this promise making free game development tutorials. In the blog it says:

"At Unity, we are laser-focused on democratising tools for creators, so that the industry’s most brilliant gems are available to all, not just a select few. And we are continuously focused on helping artists make their dreams a reality."

If you want to see how beautiful games using Unity can look then check out this trailer for Death's Door made with the engine.

What is most eye-popping about the announcement is the promotional video the company put on Twitter. The video explains Unity's plans following the acquisition via an uncanny and very realistic model of a woman, it's dubbed Emma. Despite a lack of blinking, she is one of the more realistic models I've seen.

In describing why Unity believes creating these acutely realistic models is so important, it points to the brain. It has a commitment to developing unique experiences which trigger and excite different aspects of our processing.

"We, as humans, are uniquely attuned to react to human movement. We have an entire section of our brains dedicated to rapidly processing faces and expressions. Creating digital humans that meet the quality and natural dynamics needed to truly satisfy our minds can be a complicated and painful effort, requiring both expert knowledge and extreme perseverance."

Ziva Dynamics is the latest acquisition by Unity who specialise in a platform for developers to make 3D games. The other companies acquired include Weta Digital, SpeedTree, SyncSketch, Pixyz, and RestAR. All of these are tech companies which create tools advantageous to the 3D creation platform.

Featured Image Credit: Unity / Ziva Dynamics

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