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Twitch Streamer Facing "Romance Fraud" Lawsuit From Obsessed Fan

Twitch Streamer Facing "Romance Fraud" Lawsuit From Obsessed Fan

He immediately revoked his donations, too

A Twitch streamer known to fans as Ms Kenner has claimed that one of her donors is currently threatening legal action - among other things - because she doesn't feel romantic feelings towards him.

Ms Kenner is a Destiny 2 streamer with a modest following who, like most smaller Twitch streamers, relies primarily on donations to make a living. Unfortunately, the streamer has now alleged that one of her more generous donors has massively affected her income after she rebuffed his advances.

As first reported by Dexerto, Ms Kenner posted a deeply concerning Twitter thread documenting her experiences with a fan, who is a “public figure in the music industry.”

She wrote: “He was always an insane gifter and donator. Well, now I see he is just literally insane.”

Kenner went on to claim that she received "tons" of donations from the viewer, before he eventually informed her that he wanted to be in a relationship.

Kenner, who is married with kids, immediately informed the viewer she simply didn't feel the same way. He responded by immediately attempting to revoke all of his PayPal and Twitch donations.

“That pushed me THOUSANDS into the negative,” Kenner wrote. “I have been fighting with them and today I received word that his bank decided in his favor. Now I have to pay all that back.”

The viewer is also reportedly threatening to sue Kenner for "romance fraud", and has alleged made threats to dox her and her family.

Fortunately, Kenner is refusing to back down. She made it clear she would take the matter to court if pushed, and as recently as yesterday (April 18), she revealed she'd made progress on getting some of those initial donations back.

“I have made some progress with this. The whole playout is really not something that I’m going to hash on socials,” she said. “Just wanted everyone to know that stuff like this is very real and protect yourselves.”

This is hardly the first time that a fan has gotten into their heads that they have a certain ownership of a Twitch streamer or YouTuber. Followers that make donations can sometimes tell themselves that their contribution means they're "owed" something. This is nonsense, of course, but Kenner's situation is a chilling reminder of how quickly these situations can unravel.

Featured Image Credit: Twitch via Ms Kenner

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