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Netflix just cancelled 'the best movie of all time', and fans are furious

Netflix just cancelled 'the best movie of all time', and fans are furious

Netflix just cancelled the upcoming Average Height, Average Build which fans say could have been 'the best movie of all time'.

It’s always really disappointing to hear that a project has been cancelled before it’s even had the opportunity to get off the ground.

It’s most immediately a shame to think about all those involved who were excited about and committed to bringing these projects to life. Even as a fan though, it’s never nice to hear that something you were looking forward to playing or watching is now no longer going to be made. It’s been revealed that Netflix has pulled the plug on the upcoming film Average Height, Average Build which was in pre-production. You may never have heard of the film but those who have are arguing it had the potential to be ‘the best movie of all-time’. That’s perhaps a slight overstatement but Average Height, Average Build did have all of the right ingredients.

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Average Height, Average Build was set to be the latest project from Adam McKay. If you don’t know McKay by name, you’ll certainly know his work. He wrote and directed the Anchorman films, The Big Short, Vice, and 2021’s Don’t Look Up. McKay also wrote Ant-Man and was an executive producer on HBO’s hit show Succession - directing one episode of the series.

His next film was set to star Robert Pattinson as a serial killer who joined the political profession in order to change laws to be more murder-friendly. Pattinson would’ve starred alongside Robert Downey Jr. who was scheduled to play a retired cop who refused to stop investigating certain murders. I’m imagining it wouldn’t have been long before the two characters’ paths intertwined. I’d certainly watch it.

“Netflix casually cancelling what sounds like the best movie of all time,” one disappointed subscriber tweeted. Thankfully, it’s possible that McKay will now shop the project around to other studios so it may still eventually come to life further down the line. Just don’t expect it to be included in your Netflix subscription.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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