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Fallout's first episode solves the games' longest running mystery

Fallout's first episode solves the games' longest running mystery

We finally have an answer after all these years

We finally have a solution after all this time. And what better way to receive it than from a show garnering much acclaim.

Bethesda’s Fallout IP is iconic; from the janky graphics and bugs of New Vegas to the expansive mods of Fallout 4, there is much the games have given us.

Yet, there’s always been an air of mystery surrounding the famous Vault Boy thumbs up image. It’s used and seen everywhere, but the games failed to give any details of the story behind the image.

It’s an area of “missing” lore that Amazon’s Fallout TV serious has sought to address.

Without spoiling the series for you – assuming you’ve not already binged this better than hoped for show – you see a snapshot of life before the bombs and Vaults.

Do you want to kiss a Deathclaw? One of the Fallout cast apparently does...

The two characters we see start discussing how you’re meant to use your thumb to measure the height of an atomic bomb’s mushroom cloud, as advised by the military.

Although it’s never confirmed beyond that brief exchange, it seems our dear Vault Boy is showing us how to follow the rules.

For some of you, this may seem obvious. But let’s not ignore how widely debated the Vault Boy’s purpose has been; some have seen him as nothing more than a friendly mascot, while others have seen the darker side behind the bright illustration.

Whatever way you slice this, the now best-rated video game adaptation of all time has given us an answer to a long running mystery. Oh, it’s given us Walton Goggins as The Ghoul.

If you want to watch Fallout for yourselves, all episodes are now streaming on Amazon Prime. And for those of you who have already binged it, you can fill the void it’s left behind with a free Fallout download that has contented based on the series.

We’ve heading into the wastelands, how about you?

Featured Image Credit: Amazon, Bethesda Softworks

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