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TikToker Faces Animal Abuse Allegations Following Controversial Videos

TikToker Faces Animal Abuse Allegations Following Controversial Videos

Reyes is famous for her comical, over the top iced latte recipe videos.

TikToker Avani Reyes is facing accusations of animal abuse as she is seen to be throwing ice cubes at her cat in her famous series of iced latte recipe videos.

Reyes' posts on the platform are predominantly over the top iced latte recipe videos wherein she makes a lot of unnecessary mess with a completely deadpan expression. You might recognise her as the second person to try putting Gorilla Glue in their hair after the original video went viral. Reyes' experiment ended in disaster (understandably) because she ended up in the emergency room in a hospital in Los Angeles to remove the adhesive from her hair. Ouch.

However, it is Reyes' behaviour towards her pet cat that has been decried in two recent videos posted on January 13th and January 16th. In the first TikTok, Reyes tips a tray of ice cubes over onto the counter and the cat is sitting next to the mason jar that she uses to make her iced lattes. The ice cubes land on the cat and startle them, causing them to fall off the edge of the counter. Reyes continues making her iced latte without checking on the cat, so commenters have criticised her for seeming uncaring towards the animal. "Was this supposed to be funny?" asked krystinrose6. "If you do this in front of a camera I can't even imagine what happens behind closed doors," said ffrenchiii.

Three days later, Reyes posted another iced latte TikTok with their cat. Again, the ice cube tray is tipped and the ice cubes land on the cat who then runs away off the counter. Commenters expressed their concern that they could hear the cat crying in the background of this video while Reyes makes her iced latte, and some accused the TikToker of putting the cat on the counter so that the ice cubes could land on them for the second time. "The fact you purposely put your cat in this position again just to further our point as to why [you] don't deserve it in the first place is so embarrassing," said nicholascaldone.

At the time of writing, the two videos remain on Reyes' account and there has been no statement from the TikToker about the treatment of her cat.

Featured Image Credit: avanireyes via TikTok, Solen Feyissa via Unsplash

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