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'The Last Of Us' Series Leak Shows Joel, Ellie, Tommy, And A Major Location

'The Last Of Us' Series Leak Shows Joel, Ellie, Tommy, And A Major Location

HBO's series is already getting leaked.

Of course, we all know by now that a The Last of Us show is on its way. The HBO retelling of the game by the same name will be arriving next year sometime and until then, we’re going to have to wait to see how the directors and writers want to adapt the story to screen. However, as the series is being filmed we’re getting little trickles of information and leaks from the set. 

GamesRadar+ spotted that The Last of Us Updates on Twitter posted footage showing us just a snippet of Joel and Ellie’s appearances. Though not entirely confirmed as the town of Jackson, it doesn’t look like anywhere else in the games, so we trust that’s where it is. This is where Joel, Tommy, and Ellie call home eventually, and its appearance here does mean that there are differences between the game and the series. 

As GamesRadar+ notes, Jackson isn’t where Tommy and Joel reconnect, it’s actually on the way to Salt Lake City in the game. That means something about the story and how the characters meet one another in the series will be a little different from the story we’re familiar with. One thing is for sure, Canmore, which is where this is being filmed, looks great and the set is already very atmospheric.

All the characters in the scene look well up to their parts though. Even though it’s just a short clip, Pedro Pascal looks right as Joel, and Bella Ramsey fits Ellie’s character well. The same goes for Gabriel Luna as Tommy too. What’s also interesting is that Pedro Pascal is 100% walking with a heavy limp in the video - how’d he get that? Well, we’ll find out for sure sometime in 2022 when the series is out on HBO.

Featured Image Credit: HBO / Naughty Dog

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