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The Flash star Ezra Miller manages to swerve 26 years in prison

The Flash star Ezra Miller manages to swerve 26 years in prison

Miller will appear in court today.

Ezra Miller, an actor whose "Controversies and legal issues" section is longer than their "Career" section on Wikipedia, avoided 26 years in prison over the unlawful trespassing and felony burglary incidents last year.

In 2022, it felt like there were incessant news stories over the actor's odd behaviour. DCU star Miller was arrested twice in Hawai'i, the first for disorderly conduct and harassment and the second for second-degree assault leaving the victim with a head injury. Their relationship with activist Tokata Iron Eyes, which is said to have started when Miller was aged 23 and Iron Eyes was aged 12, has been scrutinised by the Standing Rock Sioux tribal court. In response, Miller mocked the police's efforts to locate them and described themselves as a Messiah to Native Americans.

There are many more events that spiralled from these, and after they were charged with felony burglary by stealing bottles from a private home in Stamford, Vermont, a representative for Miller said that they were now being treated for "complex mental health issues."

As per Associated Press, the Superior Court in Bennington, Vermont, allowed Miller to agree to a suspended sentence of 89 to 90 days in jail as well as a $500 fine, $192 surcharge and 12 month probation. Additionally, the two other charges against them, which included the felony burglary charge that incurs a sentence of 25 years in prison, were dropped. Miller will appear in court today to accept this plea deal.

Stunningly enough, the spiralling of these events did not lead Warner Bros. to sever ties with the actor, who plays The Flash. Variety claimed that, as long as Miller stays out of the limelight and The Flash isn't a flop, then a few Warner Bros executives are happy for them to remain a part of the revamped DCU.

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