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Terrifying New Horror Game ‘The Callisto Protocol’ Reveals PS5 Gameplay

Terrifying New Horror Game ‘The Callisto Protocol’ Reveals PS5 Gameplay

And we’ve got a release date, too

Since its reveal in late 2020, we’ve been told that The Callisto Protocol will be one of the scariest video games ever made - if not the most pants-stainingly horrific interactive experience humans have so far created. Well, fresh from the news that the game isn’t actually set in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds universe - which was sort of weird anyway - we now have our first look at this thing in action. Fresh gameplay: feast your eyes on it, below.

But please note that this gameplay reveal trailer does feature a lot of gore. Just saying. You might have just had your tea.

Well then, what did we all make of that? It’s certainly got the makings of a top-tier scare ‘em up - as you’d expect given the talent behind it includes folk who played a major part in the development of Dead Space. The game’s a third-person survival horror affair, set on a prison colony based on the moon of Jupiter that gives this thing its title. (Callisto is the planet’s second-largest moon, since you asked, after Ganymede.) The trailer gives us a look at some very unwell… inmates, maybe? There’s also a large and extremely lethal robot on the loose by the looks of things. Best stay away from that lad. 

It’s all very Dead Space-y, from the uglies to the movement - and frankly, we’re here for it. (“Here” being hiding behind the sofa while you play it.) The gameplay shown is from the PlayStation 5 - but The Callisto Protocol will also be available on PlayStation 4 when it releases on December 2, 2022. And while this footage comes directly from the June 2 PlayStation State of Play stream, the game is meant to also be heading to Xbox and PC - at least, that’s what we understand. Dreaming of a white Christmas? Yeah, you might just get some red on you, actually.

Featured Image Credit: Krafton

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