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One ‘Stranger Things’ Cast Member Is Actually A ‘Valorant’ Streamer

One ‘Stranger Things’ Cast Member Is Actually A ‘Valorant’ Streamer

Stranger Things' fourth season welcomed a host of new cast members and one is actually a Twitch streamer in their spare time.

Stranger Things’ fourth season has been out in the world for just over a week and it’s already gone on to break Netflix streaming records after 286.79 million hours were watched globally across the TV series’ first weekend on the streaming platform, sending it to the number one spot in 83 countries.

Before I proceed, I’d like to assure you that this article is spoiler free. No one likes a spoiler, and you won’t find any here. That aside, Stranger Things’ fourth season welcomes a number of new cast members, but did you know that one is actually also a Twitch streamer? Read on to find out who.

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Grace Van Dien portrays cheerleader Chrissy Cunningham in the latest season of Stranger Things but you can also find the actress enjoying a good old gaming session over on her Twitch channel BlueFille with Valorant and Fortnite among her favourite titles.

Her Twitch bio reads, “Hello! I'm an actress from Stranger Things. BlueFille means blue girl. You can call me Blue or Grace. I play Valorant, Fortnite, The Forest, Overwatch, etc.” Prior to the debut of Stranger Things’ latest season, Grace was pulling in around 100 views per stream, but that’s now risen to several thousand - and she’s really good too! Check out Grace in action playing Valorant below.

If you’re yet to start the season, Chrissy is Hawkins’ resident popular cheerleader but as her official description reads, “beneath the seemingly perfect surface lies a dark secret.” Hm, mysterious. Grace has previously appeared in Netflix’s Greenhouse Academy and Hulu’s The Binge but this is certainly her most notable role to date. We can only presume that her Twitch presence will continue to grow.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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