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Starfield players are in love with game-changing new mode available now

Starfield players are in love with game-changing new mode available now

Fans can’t get enough of Starfield

2023 was such a fantastic year for video game releases that it might be easy to forget about the long-awaited sci-RPG, Starfield.

Whether we believe or not that Bethesda’s Starfield lived up to its massive hype, there’s little denying that fans can be immersed for countless hours exploring space and visiting new planets to make seemingly endless discoveries. It’s not also a bad-looking game either but was perhaps hindered by its locked 30 frames per second at launch.

Check out the Starfield trailer below!

In our review of Starfield, we said: “Starfield is without a doubt a monumental release - and not just because it's Bethesda’s first new IP in 25 years. Every now and then, a new game comes along that changes our perception of what the industry is capable of. Starfield is that game.!”

This week, a new update arrived that not only made various quality-of-life improvements but also brought the highly requested performance mode boosting the framerate to a targeted 60fps. Fans on Reddit have been sharing their love for the glorious performance mode in Starfield.

“HECK YEAH! 60fps on console!” said an excited zunashi to fellow members on the Reddit thread. “I’m so happy with the new performance update on console.”

“I’m super immersed now because of the smooth 60fps! Now I can raise my rating of this game from 7 to 8,” they continued and it seems much of the Reddit thread shared the same excitement.

“The 60fps is ungodly jarring. It's literally like playing an entirely new game,” replied ilove60sstuff. “We knew the game would hugely benefit from a smooth framerate. It really should have been here from the beginning,” said DanceTube.

“I feel the same, it’s a new game for me. I'm amazed, I feel like Starfield got re-released again,” exclaimed a jubilant Juanpa64. “60fps is phenomenal,” said a joyful AnApexBread.

Starfield is out now on PC and Xbox Series X/S. It’s also available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers at no extra cost.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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