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'Star Wars Eclipse' Gets First Trailer, Shows Off Yoda, Moody Robots And Lightsabers

'Star Wars Eclipse' Gets First Trailer, Shows Off Yoda, Moody Robots And Lightsabers

The next-gen game is being made by 'Heavy Rain' studio, Quantic Dream

The all-new Star Wars video game, Star Wars Eclipse, received its first trailer at The Game Awards - held overnight (European overnight, that is) in Los Angeles - and it absolutely, positively, looks like a Star Wars game.

Star Wars Eclipse is being made by Quantic Dream, the French studio behind narrative adventure titles Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human. Let’s say the studio has a mixed reputation, and leave it at that for now as time is money, and all you’ve really come here for is the trailer.

So, the trailer:

Yep, that is Star Wars. Lightsabers, Yoda staring out of a window, moody robots and moodier skies, people generally looking sad, lasers pew-pewing, and lots of space. Something tells me this isn’t a jolly Star Wars adventure - it’s gonna be a dark one.

The game’s official website describes Star Wars Eclipse as “a new action-adventure, multiple-character branching narrative game set in the High Republic era”. Which I am sure means a lot to people who take Star Wars very seriously indeed. Working alongside Quantic Dream is Lucasfilm Games, somewhat obviously, and Eclipse is targeting a release date of… actually, we don’t know. The site states it’s in “early development”, so definitely don’t hold your breath for 2022 on this one. More like 2023 or even 2024, surely.

As well as no release date, we also received no information in this initial reveal as to what platforms Star Wars Eclipse will come out on. But you have to assume, looking at it, that this is a firmly next-gen production that’ll come to Xbox Series consoles, PlayStation 5 and PC. 2024 might be the time to finally upgrade, then - assuming any of us can buy a new console by then.

Featured Image Credit: Quantic Dream, Lucasfilm Games

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