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Sonic Frontiers is being review bombed by furious fans

Sonic Frontiers is being review bombed by furious fans

Trust nobody, not even yourself.

Sonic Frontiers is being barraged with review bombs following YouTuber Videogamedunkey's criticisms of the game in a recent video, and the strangest thing is, no one's sure who is leaving the low scores.

Rewind. So Dunkey was playing Sonic Frontiers and roasting it for a handful of its design choices, such as constant pop ups, not letting the player to experience "open-zone gameplay" to its greatest extent, and some slightly janky controls in boss battles. Our own Ewan Moore said that the game is enjoyable in its present state, but it could be so much more if Sega addressed issues like the ones Dunkey is mentioning. In summary: "it quite often just looks like someone’s dumped a bunch of Sonic assets in the middle of an Unreal Engine 5 tech demo."

Check out the trailer for Sonic Frontiers here!

Dunkey's video concludes with comparisons of Sonic Frontiers' very favourable user score on Metacritic against acclaimed titles like Hades, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and more. Then, frenzied Sonic fans high on the rush of finally getting another game to play started review bombing Sonic Frontiers to ridicule the YouTuber. That's what Dunkey says at least.

"Sonic fans are review bombing their own favorite game to make my fans look bad. They really thought they were slick calling their account DunkeyLover2005," said Dunkey on Twitter. One of these reviews reads: "I thought I liked this game at first, but then I saw Dunkey’s video about it, and then I realized that this game is actually really BAD." Another admits: "at first I had no opinion on the game but after seeing Dunkey’s review [they] came to the conclusion that this game just is not good."

The impact on the game's score hasn't actually been too severe as the PC version of the game sits at an 8.6 and other versions hovering around the same score. "In the end, way more positive reviews are being left than negative (and it is 90% Sonic fans leaving both), and my intention was never to send review bombers," said Dunkey in response.

Featured Image Credit: Sega

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