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Snoop Dogg Has Joined Faze Clan And Changed His Name Again

Snoop Dogg Has Joined Faze Clan And Changed His Name Again

It's not a Faze mom, this is who I am

Snoop Dogg, author of the celebrated Christmas classic 'Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto', has officially joined Faze Clan.

The rapper, streamer, and devil's lettuce connoisseur announced last night that he's now part of the "digitally native lifestyle and media platform rooted in gaming and youth culture". I did not have that on my 2022 bingo card.

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Snoop will sit on Faze Clan's board of directors once the company goes public later this year. He'll also "co-create content, participate in key business initiatives, and launch merchandise with the brand" alongside some of the group's other prominent members.

"The organic relationship between Faze and Snoop has been building for years now, so we are thrilled to officially welcome Faze Snoop to the family," Faze Clan chief strategy officer Kai Henry said in a press release. "As the original internet kid and first generation gamer, Snoop has always understood the cultural connection between music, lifestyle and gaming. Today, Snoop is a prominent voice in the emerging Web3 community and we have exciting plans to create together in the metaverse, driving new engagement opportunities for both of our fanbases."

Snoop Dogg has also confirmed that he's changed his name to Faze Snoop, although it's likely he'll only be referred to as such when working with Faze. The rest of the time, he'll be the Snoop Dogg we know and love.

"The youth identifies with their brand and that's something my son Cordell knew, which is why he brought us together," Snoop said of the new partnership.

"As I've been watching what Faze Clan has been building in the gaming space, I knew there was a natural connection with what my dad has been doing,'' added Snoop's son Cordell Broadus. "When I look at the two brands, I was inspired by the synergy they could create so I brought them together in this partnership. I can't wait for the world to see what we are about to do."

Snoop's gaming credentials are well known at this point, of course. The rapper has been streaming on Twitch for the last few years, and even launched his own esports league. While it's unlikely he'll be helping Faze bring home prizes at some of the bigger tournaments, his inclusion within the group is a huge move.

Featured Image Credit: Snoop Dogg via Twitch/Twitter

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