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New 'Skyrim' Mod Lets You Control Spells With Your Own Brain

New 'Skyrim' Mod Lets You Control Spells With Your Own Brain

The more your concentrate, the higher your damage.

This is one of the wildest mods for Skyrim you’re ever going to see, I promise you. A new YouTube video from PhD neuroscience student Cangar shows they’ve been able to add tech to Skyrim that directly uses your brainpower to do magic. Like actual Harry Potter, Doctor Strange, Merlin-esque magic, and it’s cool as heck. 

Eurogamer spotted the video on YouTube, and it’s a fascinating watch. Cangar, during their day job, works on projects focusing on electrical signals in the brain. They also happen to like Skyrim VR a lot and thought to combine the two passions into one. The result is a functional mod that checks your concentration levels and transforms that into magical power. 

Here is the trailer for Skyrim Anniversary Edition which released this November...

The YouTube video explains that the wearer simply needs a Muse headband (from this website) as well as a dongle and then the rest is entirely doable with your VR headset. The Muse headband is a meditation headband that helps measure how concentrated people are. That tech can be repurposed into translating signals into magicka - amazing. 

The result is that if you’re concentrating hard, your magic will do up to double damage. Alternatively, if you’re not really concentrating, your power will be halved. This can all be seen on the magicka meter in the game, and alternatively, your right hand glows brighter when you’re concentrating harder. 

The mod isn’t completely finished though. Cangar has said that they’re interested in expanding and refining this tech and the mechanics of it in Skyrim. They say that this is the first mod of its kind so, there is definitely room for expansion and we hope to see other games get mods like this one. It’s is such a cool mechanic, I’m sure plenty of people will be prompted to try it out if they have the means.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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