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Rainbow Six Siege player accidentally tells police he 'killed two people', chaos ensues

Rainbow Six Siege player accidentally tells police he 'killed two people', chaos ensues

The Rainbow Six Siege player reportedly called the police by mistake during a match, who then showed up at his house.

One gamer reportedly had police turn up at his house after accidentally calling 911 during a Rainbow Six Siege match.

TikTok user warzincgg has shared what appears to be doorbell camera footage of their friend speaking to police after the unintentional call. In the video, he can be heard repeating “that was my bad, that was my bad”, while trying to explain he was just “playing the game and butt dialled the phone”.

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“This is my friend Elijah, he accidentally butt dials [sic] 911 while saying ‘I killed two people’, on a video game called Rainbow Six Siege,” warzincgg wrote in the video description. “I was in [an] Xbox party while this happened[,] they had [an] AR to his head[,] they thought it was a a double homicide, the cops showed up in less then [sic] two minutes[,] he noticed his dog barking and he knew he had to walk outside.

“After this accident [sic] he was shaking for four hours while the cops were searching his house. He was frightened for [sic] a gun being pointed at him for the first time,” warzincgg continued. “The officer asks [sic] while detailing Elijah[,] ‘who’s your favourite operator?’”

Other TikTok users have been sharing their reactions to the situation in the comments: “As a 911 dispatcher, I can confirm this is a thing and happens,” one wrote. “He will never play video games with his phone in his pocket again,” added another. “I'm glad you're OK. This could have ended so badly,” another user said.

A follow-up video from the TikToker states that the pair are trying to get hold of the accidental 911 call, so we’ll have to see if that ends up being shared, too. Thankfully, it seems that no one was harmed during the incident.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft, warzincgg/edog8765 via TikTok

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