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PlayStation Users Are Already Complaining About Latest Free Games

PlayStation Users Are Already Complaining About Latest Free Games

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Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

PlayStation Plus subscribers have once again found themselves divided over the latest batch of incoming free games.

If you missed the news earlier this week, PlayStation announced it would be celebrating the fifth anniversary of the PlayStation VR's release by dropping an extra three free video games for subscribers in November. To be clear, these will of course be PS VR games - which means they won't be available to all subscribers.

"Today marks the fifth anniversary of the day PlayStation VR was introduced to the world, and we want to take this moment to thank all of our fans and our talented development community for embracing this platform and supporting PS VR through the years," PlayStation wrote in a blog post.

"It's amazing to see how virtual reality has really established itself in these past five years as a platform for gaming, and we're pleased to have PS VR play a big role in VR's growth."

As someone without a PS VR headset, I'm more than happy for everyone who will be eligible for these freebies. I still get my free PS5 and PS4 games, and those of you who invested in PS VR get a well-earned reward. Obviously, not everyone shares this opinion.

While we don't know exactly which three PS VR games subscribers will be getting, the news has already sparked much discussion among fans on the PlayStation Plus subreddit. Predictably, there's already a split in opinion on whether or not this objectively good thing is actually a good thing. Some subscribers are complaining that nobody owns a PS VR headset and this promotion is useless, while others fear that the free VR games will somehow impact the quality of the rest of November's lineup.

Sony PlayStation VR /

"As if most of the PlayStation users own VR headsets lol," complained one commenter. "More than 90% of the current PlayStation [users] don't give a f**k about VR."

"And they'll probably be 3 games anyone who actually bought a VR headset already have," added another.

"I see things like this and it just pisses me off," one user hit back. "Does everyone have a PS VR? No. Do I have a PS VR? No. But this is literally not a problem for anyone. Why isn't anyone complaining that they give out PS5 for PS Plus even though only a fraction of the user base has a PS5? I don't want it to sound like I'm a Sony corporate shill because there's plenty of things I don't like about how the company operates, but this is such a non issue to complain about. PS VR players get extra games. We can still claim those games in case you get a PS VR for cheap."

We'll find out for sure what the free PS5, PS4, and PS VR games for November 2021 are in just a few weeks, so stay tuned.

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