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‘Mirror's Edge’ Is Reportedly Getting A Remaster Very Soon

‘Mirror's Edge’ Is Reportedly Getting A Remaster Very Soon

Tune into The Game Awards 2021, apparently.

Mirror’s Edge is getting a remaster, apparently, and our first sneak peek at said remaster will be held at The Game Awards 2021. 

Mirror’s Edge. One of your favourite games that you’ve forgotten you played. Released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2008, the game is set in a recognisably sparkly and sanitised futuristic city where life is blissful and no one needs to worry about a thing. This peace has been facilitated by an oppressive government that holds the media and the citizens in a vice grip. The protagonist, Faith Connors, is a Runner who provides contraband goods and private information across the city without being detected by the police forces. 

The gameplay is an exhilarating mix of first-person parkour and platforming where the player must evade her enemies and maintain momentum by performing acrobatic manoeuvres. Upon release, the setting itself gained a lot of praise for its striking stark lines and bold colours and the soundtrack is a banger. 

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, which acted as a retelling of Faith’s origin story, came out five years ago yet didn’t replicate the impact that the original game had. Earlier this year, EA France appeared to be teasing a new Mirror’s Edge entry yet quickly qualified that it wanted to play a guessing game with its followers. Rumours died down until now where an anonymous 4chan user claims that there is a remaster of Mirror’s Edge in development. 

Yes, it’s 4chan, which definitely isn’t the font of all knowledge. However, right now, there is no way for PlayStation players to jump into Mirror’s Edge if they fancied it. It’s playable on the Xbox Series X and Series S through backwards compatibility, and if you own a Nintendo Switch, you’re out of luck. 

The Mirror’s Edge remaster also appeared in the leaked list from Nvidia GeForce Now which boosts the credibility of this claim. Ergo, it’s possible that this exists and will be made for PC players, which I would imagine to be a missed opportunity. In any event, there is no confirmation at the moment so we should hold our horses.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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