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'Ghost Of Tsushima' Has Officially Gone Gold, Still On Track For Launch

'Ghost Of Tsushima' Has Officially Gone Gold, Still On Track For Launch

The ghost with the most.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Developer Sucker Punch has confirmed that Ghost Of Tsushima has gone gold. The PlayStation 4-exclusive open world samurai adventure has suffered one or two delays along the way, but we're very nearly at the end of the road. A road that leads to a game where I can pet foxes.

Going gold, for those of you who don't know, means that the game is ready for mass production. This also means that the title is on track for its new July 17th launch date. Great news, especially since you never can be too sure if a game is going to release as planned at the moment. 2020 is full of surprises.

Sucker Punch described the momentous occasion as the culmination of years of hard work in a post shared on Twitter. You love to see it, you really do.

We learned an awful lot about Ghost Of Tsushima during a special presentation hosted by Sony last month. It's certainly where I went from being kind of interested in the game to absolutely obsessed with the idea of playing it. The open world looks truly gorgeous, the combat looks brutal, and the stealth looks tense.

It also sounds like Sucker Punch is genuinely committed to making this adventure feel different from many of the open world games that have released in the last few years. For one thing, the studio has done away with map markers and waypoints in an attempt to make exploration feel more organic and immersive,

Ghost Of Tsushima /
Sucker Punch

"Guiding Wind" is just one of the ways in which you'll find your way around, as a gust of wind gently leads you towards any new locations, points of interest, or objectives. You can also befriend wild animals, who may lead you to hidden areas with rare treasure and gear.

There are a few subtle visuals clues that can lead you towards important locations too. Billowing smoke can signify a nearby camp, for example - so you'll want to make sure you keep your ears and eyes open. All of this, plus a story set in Feudal Japan amounts a game that is entirely very much my jam. Let me at it.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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