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Gamer Becomes "Verifiably" The Only Person On The Planet With Gargantuan World Record

Gamer Becomes "Verifiably" The Only Person On The Planet With Gargantuan World Record

After all that, now what?



Words: Catherine Lewis

How much of a completionist would you consider yourself to be? For some gamers, beating the main campaign is plenty enough when it comes to being able to put something back on the shelf. Others might push the boat out a bit and go for all the achievements and trophies in their favourite game. Not many players would go as far as collecting every single trophy across an entire series - and frankly, as someone who struggles to keep games out of her backlog at the best of times, that concept absolutely terrifies me.

As such, I'm sure you'll understand why I've never felt more intimidated by anyone in my life than I have Reddit user Rebourne07. They've taken the r/gaming subreddit by storm for an astounding achievement: collecting every single Final Fantasy trophy. For every single game that has trophies to collect. Zoinks.

Speaking of Final Fantasy, the Pixel Remasters of the first three games are out now - trailer below, and find our coverage here.

Spanning 25 games, the dedicated player has managed to earn over 1,000 trophies (1,028 to be exact, here) in their quest for 100% completion, and as you can imagine, it's been a long and arduous journey. "I've been working on them as they came out for about a decade now," Rebourne07 said.

At the time of writing, Rebourne07 is the only known player in the world to have accomplished such a feat; you can even confirm it yourself by checking up on PSNProfiles. When you think about how many hundreds, probably thousands of hours that went into this quest, perhaps that's not super surprising, but it only makes the achievement all the more mind blowing.

Of course, other Reddit users are very impressed. "Was it your final fantasy to finally earn this achievement, or are there new fantasies, perhaps less final, that await your might?" commented Heisenburritos. Another user, Ceanox, summarised things quite well: "Jesus f**cking Christ".

So then, who's going to be the one to step up and become the second person in the world to get every Final Fantasy trophy before FFXVI comes out? With no release date in sight yet, there's definitely time, right? Any takers?

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