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PlayStation 5 Users Hit Out At "Unplayable" New-Gen Upgrade

PlayStation 5 Users Hit Out At "Unplayable" New-Gen Upgrade

Uh oh

Frustrated PlayStation 5 users have hit out over a recent new-gen upgrade that has rendered the excellent sci-fi action-adventure game Ghostrunner "nearly unplayable".

According to multiple fans over on the PlayStation 5 and Ghostrunner subreddits, One More Level's free new-gen update - which was released towards the end of September - is something of a mess.

"After waiting close to a year since first buying it, I booted it up for the first time this weekend only to find out that this game is plagued with technical issues that make it very difficult to deal with," Reddit user thewandererhere warned in a lengthy post. They then outlined a number of bugs, including constant crashing, constant rumbling of the DualSense controller that's "not consistent" with what's happening on-screen, and dialogue and sound frequently cutting out at random intervals.

"Can confirm," one user added. "It’s super frustrating and I can’t believe the devs haven’t addressed it."

"Same here," agreed another. "I had to just quit, and will wait for a patch that fixes it before picking it up again."

It's worth noting a handful of users have reported being able to play through the PS5 version with very few issues, although the majority are in agreement with thewandererhere's assessment of the situation. At the time of writing, there's no word on whether One More Level is aware of these issues on Sony's new-gen console.

This is a damn shame. Ghostrunner was easily one of the most overlooked and underrated games of last year. An incredibly challenging, wonderfully stylish first-person parkour platformer, it's best described as a healthy mix of Cyberpunk 2077 and Mirror's Edge, with just a dollop of Celese in its platforming perfection. A new-gen upgrade that tightens up an already tight game should have been an easy win, but it seems to have caused more issues than expected.

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