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PlayStation Fans: Sony Just Made It Way Easier To Get A PS5

PlayStation Fans: Sony Just Made It Way Easier To Get A PS5

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The PlayStation 5 remains an elusive beast. Sony’s new-gen console has been out for nearly a year now, but supply-chain issues, scalpers, and all manner of other nonsense has ensured it remains as hard to find as a specific needle in a pile full of needles. 

Fortunately, it sounds as if Sony is taking steps to make its latest console much easier to get hold of. The company recently confirmed that it’s finally expanding its PlayStation Direct online store to new territories. This will give more customers a chance to buy a PS5 directly from the manufacturer, instead of faffing about with retailers and third-party vendors. 

The PlayStation Direct online store initially launched in the US back in 2019. It’s a great place to pick up all kinds of exclusive merch, and became one of the more reliable spots to secure a PS5 last year. Sony recently launched the store in Germany, and France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and the UK are all set to roll out soon. 

While this doesn’t necessarily mean grabbing a PS5 is finally guaranteed, being able to access PlayStation Direct should make the process much easier. If nothing else, it’s one more option that doesn’t involve turning to a scalper. That’s a win. 

This news comes weeks after the report that Sony has also planned a massive PS5 restock throughout UK stores in time for Christmas. The company is believed to have hired three jumbo jets to transport the consoles, with thousands of new stock expected to land in stores over the next few weeks. 

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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