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PlayStation 5 Slim trailer shows off a very sexy console

PlayStation 5 Slim trailer shows off a very sexy console

That's the most powerful Tic-Tac in the world.

A concept of a slim PlayStation 5 is doing the rounds due to its sleek design and detachable disc drive - wait, where have we heard this one before?

Right, that's correct. A report in September alleged that Sony is going to launch a third PS5 model in twelve months time in order to replace the current iteration of the console on the market. Before anyone starts rolling up their sleeves, the only difference between this new model and the original one is that the successor would possess a detachable disc drive plugging in to the console through an extra USB-C port on the back of the unit.

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Arguably,'s take on what that would look like is much more stylish. The concept compacts the original design and splits the shell with a diagonal intersection where the detachable disc drive would be. It also sands down the wavy edges of the PS5 and is somewhat reminiscent of a Tic-Tac. A powerful Tic-Tac that plays Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Take a look:

The slim digital and disc drive versions would come in colour coded packaging - perfect for wayward parents in Christmas queues as long as the Orinoco River. And, has had the foresight to allow the detachable disc drive to be attached to a slim digital model through lifting that aforementioned intersection off the console. It's an impressive concept and I'm sure Sony is watching's career with interest.

Still, these concepts can often be a source of amusement to reflect upon once we do see the official design. Remember when the PS5 concept design looked like an enemy spacecraft with a giant "V" slice carved out of it? Who thought that would be a hit with the masses?

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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