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PlayStation 5 Is Getting An Exclusive Free Game Soon, According To Leak

PlayStation 5 Is Getting An Exclusive Free Game Soon, According To Leak

Is it too little too late?

The oft-forgotten PlayStation 5-exclusive Destruction AllStars may be shifting to a free-to-play model soon, according to a recent leak.

The vehicular combat game did little to set the world on fire when it was released in February last year. It received lukewarm reviews at the time, and even launching as a PlayStation Plus freebie right out of the gate didn't do much help it in the way of attracting players.

Now, it seems developer Lucid Games and Sony may well be considering a new approach in an effort to bring in better numbers. As spotted by Reddit user Mr_WeeWoo, a new patch for the game was released earlier this week that made a number of changes to the game. You can read up on those here.

What's interesting is that when the game's servers were taken down for an hour of maintenance as part of the patch, there were multiple references to free-to-play elements.

"During this one hour maintenance period if you updated and opened the game, the names of in-game challenges displayed as code references rather than the text users are supposed to see," Mr_WeeWoo explained.

"As seen here, I noticed that each challenge had the prefix 'BS_F2P_CHALLENGE'. Potentially revealing that the game is planning to go free-to-play in the near future."

While this obviously isn't official confirmation, it certainly wouldn't be that surprising to see Destruction AllStars attempt to change things up a little. It's worth noting that the game launched at a time where a lot of people were still really struggling to get a PlayStation 5, so going free-to-play now could be the solution Lucid Games is looking for. Watch this space.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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