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Starfield player unearths hidden secret with grisly consequences

Starfield player unearths hidden secret with grisly consequences

Could it be true, could a beloved character be a monster in disguise...?!

Say it ain’t so – one of the much beloved characters in Starfield seemingly has an unnerving past that definitely paints them in a completely new light.

Despite having a questionable beginning, at least in terms of player feedback, Starfield offers a pretty impressive open world experience that still garners attention. True, not all the attention is positive, however, no one can take away from the impact Bethesda’s latest game has left on the gaming community.

See the narrative they wanted you to see in the Starfield story trailer.

Even though space exploration was a missed opportunity according to fans, Bethesda didn’t miss the mark on creating elaborate lore for all characters and the overall universe we journey through. So much so that hidden secrets are still being discovered now, months after its launch.

One detail that’s gripping the fandom right now is one regarding VASCO. Let’s face it, this robotic boi just cannot be denied, and has proven hugely popular with gamers. Perhaps it's the deadpan delivery or his chunky aesthetic – whatever the reason, VASCO love is strong.

Yet, could VASCO be a murderous robot on the run? A whiteboard image from the Xbox exclusive seems to suggest as much, much to the horror of fans. The OP of the screenshot asks, “I found this white board mentioning VASCO like he is a mysterious murder bot at a random POI.”

Nobody could really offer any conclusion to this VASCO theory, though some are in agreement that VASCO could have been rebooted to remove previous murderous ways. “I'm guessing this is an easter egg showing a little bit of VASCO's origin story,” reasons one player. “He was an unpredictable (meaning he didn't follow his programming protocols and likely has some degree of sentience, I think) robot with a penchant for killing.”

Then you have the fact that people have killed in front of VASCO without the bot taking issue with their actions. “I have murdered people in front of Vasco and he doesn't object. Maybe this is why,” queried another fan.

Maybe it is… Maybe VASCO enjoys to revel from the sidelines, content in knowing we’ve all been fooled.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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