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Steam $30 free store credit available for you to grab now

Steam $30 free store credit available for you to grab now

You have to be in it to win it

Another opportunity to score some free Steam store credit has arrived.

We’re massive fans of a bargain here at GAMINGbible, so much so that we enjoy sniffing out a new freebie or two for you to enjoy.

Granted, this Steam store credit will only grace the account of one lucky winner. Still, what's life without a little competition every now and then?

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On Free Steam Games’ Twitter account, a new giveaway has been announced; this time to celebrate the upcoming launch of Sector Unknown.

This “story-rich” RPG begins “on a desolate planet”. PC players need to “establish a stronghold, explore space, ally with or dominate local factions, and ignite a rebellion against a despotic organisation”.

It all sounds extremely thrilling!

You might not need an incentive to wishlist the game if sci-fi RPGs are your thing. However, for those of you interested in the free store credit aspect of this article, there’s a few rules you need to follow.

Firstly, you need to wishlist Sector Unknown; secondly, you need to follow Sector Unknown’s Steam page; and thirdly, like and retweet the post telling you about this giveaway.

Easy peasy.

Free Steam Games doesn’t state that you need to share an image proving you’ve done the above, however, many users are doing so just in case.

This Creative Storm Entertainment experience isn’t due to launch until Q4 2024, and so it’s likely you’ll have spent your credit by then – assuming you win.

Nonetheless, while you might not have the patience to save your $30 free credit, you can at least be smug in knowing you won it.

At the time of writing this, we didn’t see any mention of when this giveaway will end. Consequently, we suggest interested parties throw their hat in the ring as soon as possible.

Don’t forget: this is a competition. Only one of you will walk away the victor. However, when the rules are so simple, why not take a chance to see if lady luck smiles upon you.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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