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Stardew Valley meets The Legend of Zelda in adorable upcoming 2024 adventure game

Stardew Valley meets The Legend of Zelda in adorable upcoming 2024 adventure game

Off we go adventuring again!

There’s just something about adventuring in cute environments that we just can’t say no to. Even though there are quite a few games out there that offer similar, any mention of another adorable title and our ears prick up.

Combine that adventure with similarities between the ever popular Stardew Valley and The Legend of Zelda and we can barely contain our excitement.

The cuteness of Pine Hearts isn't to be underestimated or ignored!

On the surface, this upcoming Steam game doesn’t seem all that Legend of Zelda like, at least not if you compare it to Tears of the Kingdom, but when you cast your minds back to classics like Wind Waker, you soon understand the reference.

Pine Hearts is a “touching tale” all about “love, life, memories, and family”; wholesome goodness all around then. Intriguingly, this PC title isn’t focused on combat but rather progression through items and puzzles, thus making it the epitome of cosy gaming.

Arguably though, what makes Pines Hearts so enticing is its accessibility. As the Steam description explains, the developers have worked tirelessly to make it as accessible as can be; simplified controls, black and white mode, colour blocking mode, and several other features ensure all players are welcome in Pine Hearts.

This ridiculously adorable looking game does have a downside though: only Microsoft players can enjoy its delights. In truth, Steam titles have slowly been cutting out Mac OS so that few of us can enjoy such games without an emulator. It’s not deliberate, but obviously is a tad frustrating. Hopefully upon launch, Pine Hearts will eventually get a Mac OS friendly version.

Right now, the release date is set for “Q1 2024”, meaning we don’t have much of a wait before we enter the roaming, colourful world of Pine Hearts. Of course, those eager for its release can wishlist it to be alerted once it launches.

Featured Image Credit: Little Nook

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