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The Last Of Us Part 1 is free to download and play right now

The Last Of Us Part 1 is free to download and play right now

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The Last Of Us Part I, the remake of the remaster of one of the greatest video games of all time, is currently free to download and check out for certain PlayStation gamers.

What can we possibly say about The Last Of Us that hasn't already been said hundreds of times? It's a masterpiece. Beautifully written and expertly performed, with plenty of nail-bitingly tense set pieces that run the gamut from action-packed shootouts to claustrophobic escapes from fungal terrors.

Take a look at The Last Of Us Part I in action below!

Remade from the ground up for PlayStation 5, The Last Of Us Part I is probably the definitive way to experience the classic. Vastly improved graphics make it arguably the best-looking game on the console, while a huge range of accessibility options open the adventure up to a much larger audience.

The good news for those of you who aren't sure about dropping another £70 on a game that first came out in 2013, is that you can currently check it out for free. That's if you're a PlayStation Plus Premium member, at any rate.

The Last Of Us Part I is one of the many PlayStation games available via the Game Trials feature, and you can play through the first two hours of the game. That's more than enough time to smash through the opening few chapters, where you'll lose Sarah, meet Ellie, and generally have your heart broken. Hell, if you're fast enough you can probably make it all the way through Bill's Town.

If nothing else, this is a good opportunity for you to see just how much better The Last Of Us Part I looks without having to drop a huge amount of money for the privilege. It really does look noticeably better, so make sure you don't miss out.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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