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PlayStation gamers hail completely unexpected PS1 classic remaster

PlayStation gamers hail completely unexpected PS1 classic remaster

PlayStation gamers hail completely unexpected PS1 classic Hogs of War remaster.

A turn-based classic from 2000 is seemingly getting an official remaster according to a developer. Although the game in question is an unexpected choice for a remaster, PlayStation 1 gamers are rejoicing.

Hogs of War is a cult-classic from the PlayStation 1 era that follows the story of anthropomorphic pigs fighting in a First World War setting. The turn-based combat title was originally released to mixed reviews but despite that, it has seemingly become a classic title over the years with many fans calling for its return. Luckily for them, it looks as though that may be the case.

Check out the visual upgrades for Hogs of War Lardcore below!

The news comes courtesy of an announcement posted to r/PS5 from the Hogs of War Lardcore Developer. “Just wanted to bring awareness to our upcoming Kickstarter campaign for the remaster,” the post read. “All original voice work, soundtrack and AI will be included, we're working with the original code base as we own the IP rights.” The post was uploaded alongside a link to the brand-new trailer.

However, in typical Kickstarter fashion, the remaster all depends on if the campaign is successful. The campaign begins on 17 October and will end on 16 November. In that time, it must reach $150,000 worth of donations in order for the development to be completed. As well as the main goal, the campaign will also have stretch goals that could lead to bonus content in Hogs of War Lardcore.

As for the gaming community, Hogs of War is a blast from the past that is unexpected but is definitely not disappointing news. “Now there's something I wasn't expecting,” said one Reddit user. “This was my favourite game to play at a friend's back in the day.” Another fan agreed, replying, “Oh wow I looooved this game! Was so difficult but fun. Really looking forward to it, might be my first ever Kickstarter support.”

If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, Hogs of War Lardcore will arrive to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 with a PC port on the docket if the stretch goals are reached.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Infogrames

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